Design of Facilities and Operational Management of the Lonquimay Cattle Fair

Ministry of Production, Province of La Pampa – Federal Investment Council, 2008

As a result of a request by the Ministry of Production of the Province of La Pampa, for the purpose of carrying out a situation analysis, an in-situ survey of the Lonquimay Cattle Fair was conducted to evaluate the possibility of improving the design of the facilities, pens, and annexes, and to establish a plan aimed at promoting and supporting standards that comply with animal welfare regulations. As the main players in the cattle production chain visit the fair premises, the improvements proposed in the subsequent report would benefit the different actors directly or indirectly engaged as producers, haulers, rural workers, livestock brokers, meat packing plants, professionals, advisors, rural construction companies, and others.

Finally, the modifications of the fair premises were made following the technical recommendations of this consultancy work.