Livestock Undertaking Program: Pre-feasibility Study for the Development of a Cattle Cluster in the Town of Gobernador Gregores

Considering the potential offered by the town of Gobernador Gregores, located in the Chico river valley, province of Santa Cruz, an assessment of the possibility of developing a cattle undertaking in Patagonia was commissioned. Basically, it involved an analysis of a series of activities included in the proposal on the development of a livestock cluster with steer and sheep holding facilities, along with the construction of a balanced-feed production plant. In the location, there is an area crossed by the Chico river, with farms where alfalfa is grown.

In the context of the work plan, scenarios and externalities were defined, which led to establishing the activity schedule. The project was found to be feasible in terms of production, as soft financing will be made available to promote technological changes.