Technical and Economic Pre-feasibility Study for the Setting Up of an Export Beef and Sheep Meat Packing Plant in TOLHUIN

Secretariat for Agrarian Affairs, Province of Tierra del Fuego – Federal Investment Council, 2009

The consulting work involved the assessment of different areas of the province’s territory to analyze potentials and externalities for carrying out a pre-feasibility project. To move forward with the study, technical working missions were undertaken within the territory of the province jointly with the different government and private actors. At the technical meetings, synergetic activities were established by reaching a consensus on each of the items examined as well as on the frame of reference of the study under this consultancy. For this purpose, an analysis of the provincial cattle cluster and of the potential for supplying live cattle from the provinces of Tierra del Fuego, Santa Cruz, and Chubut as necessary input into the meat packing plant was crucial.

The flows of funds associated with the project were analyzed, resulting in a forecast broken down by revenue, costs, and investments relevant for the economic evaluation of the investment project. Finally, the conclusion was that, within the fabric of Río Grande, the location was the most suitable one for carrying out the feasibility study and, subsequently, the detailed design.