Territorial Diagnostic Project for thePresentation of Alternatives on Land Use in Peri-urban Areas in the Province of La Pampa. 2016-2017

The project “Territorial Diagnosis for the Presentation of Alternatives on Land Use in Peri-urban Areas of the Province of La Pampa” is a multidimensional study on the peri-urban pampas carried out by the Argentine Animal Welfare Foundation (FABA) for the Government of the Province of La Pampa and financed by the
Federal Council of Investments (CFI).

The research consisted in an integrated examination of the problems faced by the primary producers of the peri-urban areas of the cities of General Pico, Eduardo Castex and General Acha, in order to formulate public policies on the production and marketing systems of the horticultural, poultry, pigs and flowers.

Based on a political-institutional, socioeconomic, demographic and environmental analysis of the province, 75 productions and family economies were addressed
based on the baseline survey that was the primary input to develop the profile of the peri-urban producer from a multiplicity of dimensions.

The primary information collected through this methodological instrument has been loaded into a database created for this project, which then allowed for its analysis and then knowing the level of implementation of Good Agricultural Practices, the introduction of sanitary and genetic improvements, the care of the environment, the concern for animal welfare, health and family education, the relationship with the territory and the public sector, the significance of self- consumption and transformation processes, the generation of economic surpluses and the willingness to invest in productive exploitation.

Counting on such characterization and reflecting the interrelations between the different actors of the productive system, the recommendations of public policies were given in order to modernize the peri-urban family economy and promote its insertion and development in value added chains at regional and national scales.