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Our Services

At FIDA, we work in the fields of production, industrialization and marketing, defining, and promoting lines of action within the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors along the whole value chain. We are experts in the research, control, training, verification and development of different proposals to meet the requirements and needs that may arise.

Since our inception, we have worked jointly with national and international government agencies, private sector companies and organizations to meet the goals and objectives planned.

Our proposals stress the benefits arising from manufacturing, handling, transporting, marketing, and consuming food from production systems that ensure distinctive, significant and measurable animal welfare, quality and safety practices in a sustainability context, providing distinguishing attributes to the final product.

We promote, recommend, and collaborate on the continuous improvement of each step of the production chain by providing appropriate services to meet every need with the help of excellent professionals and the best technologies to attain competitiveness goals.


Verifying the actions and tasks from a third party is a necessary measurement and validation tool to improve processes. At FIDA, we perform diagnostic audits and internal audits in the fields of primary production, quality and agri-food innocuity, safety and health, environment and social responsibility.


Assisting organizations, companies and institutions with their intended goals by providing our expertise, impartiality and technology is one of our ways to promote continuous improvement within the agri-food sector. Knowledge management, trend identification and analysis, risk assessment for decision-making, diagnosis and systematization of intervention models, implementation of national and international standards, among others.


At FIDA, we have developed methodologies aimed at in-house staff training in companies and /or organizations in order to broaden individuals’ knowledge, skills and competences through didactic activities, enhancing their performance at their workplace. Our courses are delivered in-company and they adapt or are designed to meet targeted needs.

Process Control

Along the whole production chain, there are many processes involved, and it is essential to control each of them, in due time and form, to attain the goals pursued. Organizations must ensure an efficient monitoring, which is not always successful when it is done by the same staff performing the tasks being monitored. We develop and implement different methodologies specifically designed for each process.

Project Development and Management

Project design, evaluation and monitoring using the logical framework methodology, aimed at identifying problems and their alternative solutions.
Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.


It is the formal assessment of specific aspects previously established requiring compliance from companies, organizations and/or institutions. The result of the verification is impartial, confidential and reliable, enabling interested and/or requesting parties to make decisions and implement measures.

The scope of each inspection is determined by the requesting party and may be related to individuals’ requisites, facilities, environmental and/or social conditions, legal compliance, products, health conditions, equipment and traceability, among others. Its goal is to detect flaws, deviations from standards and/or other problems.