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About us

We are an Argentinian NGO specialized in and committed to the development and implementation of services related to the production chain from primary production to consumer, transforming technical and scientific knowledge into a value proposition in the agri-food market.

The problems we solve

We provide solutions to every adverse situation the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors undergo daily due to their dynamism. FIDA’s capacity to understand the challenges and/or conflicts faced by organizations and/or institutions and to find solutions can be related to our capacity and experience to provide reliable information, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement effective actions, process evaluation and controls, analysis and research methods, communication and impartiality among stakeholders, among other things.

Our reach

FIDA proposes tools that facilitate marketing among the parties involved in the production chain in order to maximize the results at each stage, providing distinctive, significant and measurable attributes.

We design and evaluate projects from a comprehensive perspective whereby sustainability and a balance between social, economic, productive and environmental variables are the drivers for development.

On this premise, we get involved and boost the promotion, design and implementation of strategic axes that help sustainably strengthen value addition in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors. We act as facilitators for the attainment of the strategic objectives and goals of the organizations that are aligned with and committed to social capital, environmental protection, and territorial development.

Our success is the result of a collective effort, of our commitment and of the day-to-day assistance and strengthening we provide to public and private organizations to achieve sustainable development with equity within their facilities/farms.

Our services

At FIDA, we work in the fields of production, industrialization and marketing, defining and promoting lines of action within the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors along the whole value chain. We are experts in the research, control, training, verification and development of different proposals to meet the requirements and needs that may arise.