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Our History

Fundación de Investigación y Desarrollo Agropecuario (Foundation for Agricultural Research and Development)  is a non-governmental organization founded in 2001 as Fundación Argentina de Bienestar Animal (Animal Foundation for Animal Welfare) (FABA). Since our inception, we have elaborated, developed, promoted, implemented and/or monitored projects, programs and methods aimed at enhancing competitiveness through different activities within the public and/or private sphere, jointly with institutions, development and financing agencies, educational organizations and companies, related to the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors.

We work as facilitators for production projects and undertakings, developing and implementing efficient tools for the production of origin-differentiated, value-added goods and services, both at origin and destination, promoting continuous local and regional improvement.

We assist and support primary production and agribusiness in project development and management for decision-making, prioritizing strategies that are aligned with resources and market, so as to achieve goals at the organizational and territorial levels. We firmly believe in promoting production development that embraces equity and is based on sustainability.

Over the years we have acquired the experience and expertise we needed to guarantee the outcome of our work and to earn the recognition of all sectors.

Our Mission

Transform our social, scientific and technical knowledge into a value proposition, giving optimal results to those choosing us as strategic partners.

Our Vision

To be a benchmark organization, nationally and internationally recognized in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors for providing our services with efficient and rational management of resources and for our ethical principles, independence and professional excellence within a framework of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Our Quality Policy

The high standards of quality characterizing our foundation’s activities is one of the pillars it is based on.

At FIDA we are convinced that to ensure our contribution to the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors on an ongoing and long-term basis, we must demonstrate our commitment through the following:

  • our staff’s technical qualifications
  • use of safe clothing and equipment
  • extent of satisfaction reached by all parties involved
  • comprehensive services
  • confidentiality in information management
  • information and data offered
  • compliance with the law
  • promoting community creation
  • protection of natural, social, economic and political resources
  • health protection
  • proactive process-related actions
  • tools designed to meet goals
  • control of results and  implementation of corrective actions based on  performance patterns and stakeholders’ opinions
  • our services’ integrity and independence guaranteed

As members of FIDA, we take responsibility and embrace the challenges involved in the role we have decided to play in society and in applicable fields therein.

Our Work Methodology

We carry out our activities through a cross-functional team selected and validated by FIDA’s board of directors, based on a matrix structure wherein each project finds the fundamental specialties and skills required according to its profile.

Thus, veterinarians, agronomists, environmental engineers, civil engineers, economists, accountants and lawyers allow us to address the issues typically faced by regional economies, by every sector and link in the value chain, providing solutions regardless of their complexity and the stakeholders involved.

Our comprehensive approach allows us to address services in every field of application. This methodology based on research, results analysis, validation and hands-on meetings, has been successfully used in the different projects in which FIDA has participated, at both the national and international levels.

Our Partner Agreements

Our approach to cooperation, partnership and/or mutual recognition with national and international universities and institutions is one of the ways whereby FIDA demonstrates its commitment to the development of every sector involved. We believe that education is at the heart of our actions.

  • School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Buenos Aires
  • School of Agricultural Sciences, Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina
  • ArgenINTA Foundation
  • National University of Santiago del Estero
  • School of Veterinary Sciences, University of El Salvador

We are grateful to the institutions and universities working alongside our foundation, displaying their professional expertise.